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Welcome to Matlock Online. Matlock's only dedicated independent resident and tourist information website.

Matlock - 'Twinned with the French town Eaubonne.'
Occupying a central England position geographically, Matlock is in the west of Derbyshire in what is known as the Derbyshire Dales. The first school in Matlock was founded in 1647 as a free school for local boys, originally funded by local George Spateman of Tansley and from 1668 by Anthony Wolley.

By the 1830's Matlock was a hamlet whose principal industry was agriculture, lead mining and quarrying as subsidiary activities. In the 18th century Richard Arkwrighrt built mills at Cromford providing employment for Matlock people but it was John Smedley, born 1803, who made the town one of the most celebrated centres for the treatment of ailments with water theraphy, in the country by establishing Hydrotheraphy.

Although hydrotheraphy took a down turn with the development of the National Health Service, which never really approved or prescribed to 'fanciful treatments'. Matlock is still a very busy administrative, shopping and tourist centre, being the home of the Derbyshire Dales District Council as well as the Derbyshire County Council.

Modern Matlock has something for everyone, and everything for someone, from its historic landmark buildings to its newly designed and recently redevelopment town centre and shopping areas.

Looking for somewhere to eat? - why not try ..
The Regent House
37 Dale Road,

Matlock Green Fish Bar
77 Matlock Green,

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